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Sprained ankle/wrist or any other ligaments

A ligament is a short band of tough, flexible, fibrous connective tissue that connects 2 bones or cartilages of holds together a joint.

Ligaments are resilient, flexible tissues that lack extensive blood flow. Low blood flow to these tissues leads to prolonged healing times in people who suffer with ligament damage or injury. Ligament injuries are called sprains

Ligament Interlink Technique is based on the interaction of joints during the gait.

When walking quickly in a relaxed manner it can be observed that the wrist reflexes and extends in unison with the contralateral ankle. Within this technique we view the body as being organised diagonally.

Ligament damage caused by athletic or accidental strain can persist for a long time and be difficult to resolve simply by using muscle rebalancing.

This technique can help people with arthritic pain in joints.

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