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Injury Recall Technique (IRT) are you constantly having a reoccurring injury …. read on ….

This method was introduced to our field by Dr W. Schmitt. Simply put, the body “remembers” significant injuries (falls, surgeries, breaks etc.) and stores this information.

Although the body may have healed the damage, the memory of it creates a pattern within the brain to “guard” it, as if it were present to some degree.

With this simple technique the “guarding” can be eliminated, even years after the event occurred.

This restores limitations to range of motion, pain syndromes, and body function.

Phenomenal things occur breaks, sprains and scars are addressed

IRT is a gentle procedure used following a recent or ancient injury or trauma.

IRT restores muscle balance to pre-injury status, often dramatically relieving pain and restoring range of motion.

To understand why IRT works, you must first understand what happens when the body encounters an injury or trauma.

Injury Recall is the second one, which helps to remove the memory of an old physical injury/trauma that a body has experienced – for example, broken bones, scars, injuries to muscles, mammograms, twisted ankles, injection sites and dental work!

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