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My journey to wellness from leaky gut to celery juice ……

Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 8 years ago…..along with a number of other auto immune conditions like IBS, PCOS, underactive thyroid, anxiety, sleep apnea, insulin resistance and high blood pressure …. to name but a few…… never mind the medications I kept getting thrown at me via conventional medicine route with doctors

3 years ago I decided to do a basic training course in Kinesiology as it had helped me so much with particular the anger I felt in relation to getting fibromyalgia and why me ? syndrome. Once started I was hooked, then last year as part of our Diploma training we had a weekend called

“Leaky Gut” training – absolutely loved it and felt everything the instructor was talking about was me !!!

Leaky Gut Testing Kit

WHAT IS LEAKY GUT you might well ask

· Chronic opening of tight junctions and zonulin release (protein released from gut cells)

· Damage to the small intestine

· Chronic inflammation

· Undigested food and toxins pass through the small intestine to the blood stream


· Diarrhoea, constipation, gas, bloating

· Fatigue

· Headache, poor memory, brain fog, poor concentration

· Depression, anxiety

· Skin issues

· Sugar and carb cravings

· Joint pains

· Nutritional deficiencies

· Auto immune issues

And of course I had all of the above and one stage or another or all at the one time


Firstly I had shown in muscle testing for zonulin and LPS (Lipopolysaccharide – normally shows when inflammation in gut or brain)

What can cause this ????

· Gluten / Caesin

· Pathogens – bacteria, parasites, fungus virus

· Lecthins (especially nightshades)

· Toxins – chemicals, heavy metals, radiation

· Alcohol


· NSAIDS and other meds like ibuprofen

· GMO / Glyphosate

I love that my own experience with my health has allowed me empathy with clients that come to my clinic for my help, a lot of fibromyalgia clients tell me “I don’t have to explain symptoms or pain or fatigue to you as you get it”

As the training went on over that weekend, kinesiology muscle tested pointed to me having a gluten intolerance and not just gluten, I was intolerable to most grains except rice. I probably always knew that white bread bloated me and made me feel ill. It took awhile for me to cut out of my diet, and even now a year later if I have a small amount of gluten I will feel ill and bloated.

Secondly lactose in dairy didn’t agree with me either….this has a lesser long term affect on me…however majority of the time I drink lactose free milk with my cup of decaf tea.

Next which didn’t surprise me as there has been a lot of research on mercury teeth fillings and fibromyalgia, using the priority method my colleague that was working with me was able to confirm my biggest problem in my body was toxic metals…..

I didn’t need to be asked twice, over a period of time I replaced the 5 mercury filling that I had…using NAC before and after each visit to the dentist.

NAC is an amino acid which may help to protect and improve liver function. It does this by helping to detoxify the body of heavy metals. It can also aid the body to remove excess mucous from the lungs.

After training and over the coming months working with a colleague my body identified a number of different issues via priority kinesiology muscle testing.

Next up I had a virus called EBV… this virus the Medical Medium talks about in his books that have similar symptoms to fibromyalgia

Epstein–Barr virus, is one of eight known human herpesvirus types in the herpes family, and is one of the most common viruses in humans. It is best known as the cause of infectious mononucleosis ("mono" or "glandular fever").

What I later remembered was when I was pregnant with my youngest son, (now 10 yrs old), I had a viral infection that cause me having to get IV antibiotics during labour so he wouldn’t contract the virus during the birth. Less than a year after his birth is when I started having all the symptoms of fibromyalgia. A lot of clients coming to me at the moment showing for this virus EBV.

Symptoms of this virus

· Fatigue.

· Fever.

· Lack of appetite.

· Rash.

· Sore throat.

· Swollen glands in the neck.

· Weakness and sore muscles.#

Cat’s Claw herbal remedy for over 6 weeks to help clear it out of the body.

Next up of course me not wanting to miss out still had a fungal infection to deal with next …… good old oregano oil to help clear that up from my gut

And last but not least I had 2 parasite infections….. one needed wormwood compound to help clear over several weeks and most recently black walnut liquid remedy to clear a different type of parasite

All of this was muscle testing, priority testing using kinesiology and my body giving feedback of what was going on all the time

So now that I have all of that done… on a really good probiotic to build the gut back up but most importantly no longer showing to zonulin testing or LPS testing so am THRILLED

8 WEEKS ago I started on the ketogenic diet and removing sugar both small hidden sugars and more larger ones like my glass of wine from my diet

Celery juice daily on empty tummy is finally helping along with the keto to help with fatigue, sleep and general energy levels

Coupled this with apple cider vinegar to help burn belly fat ….. lots and lots of water and lemon throughout each day

So now down over 1 stone in weight and 2 dress sizes … I very much focused from the start on getting my health and wellness back first before looking at weight loss … and glad to say slowly but surely back to running which I thoroughly enjoyed in my past days

On a medical side of things, I no longer take medication for blood pressure or insulin resistance/PCOS, a number of months after discovering kinesiology I had been able to wean myself off the drugs for fibromyalgia, so hadn't taken any medication for that in a number of years thankfully as they just made me worse

Long may it all LAST …. Now that I am so much more educated on my body, my energy, what foods are good and bad for me… I now help others with all sorts of digestive issues

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