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“Hi Roberta

Well done on writing the book. It is excellent to get awareness out there for Kinesiology.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2017. I did not know much about it at the time and did not know how to deal with my symptoms. My sister had spotted a video on Facebook of a lady who had fibromyalgia and practiced kinesiology, which helps fibromyalgia symptoms. As it happens, I had met Roberta before through my husband.

I was under a lot of stress at work which made my symptoms worse. I could not cope with the pain and tiredness. Roberta was doing a study on people with fibromyalgia and how it helped. I joined the study and have not looked back. 

My first appointment was strange as I did not know anything about Kinesiology. Roberta put me at ease then gave me a form to point out my symptoms and areas of pain. Straight away, Roberta gave me some tips to help symptoms. Like taking Vitamin C and magnesium. I was then muscle tested and I was amazed that muscle test pointed out areas of pain and whether they were emotional or structural. 

The difference between the first and second appointment was like chalk and cheese. The reduction in my symptoms was big. As the appointments went on, Roberta helped me more with my diet vitamin supplements affirmations as well as my pain which was greatly reduced. 

I go back to Roberta for top-up appointments when I get a flare-up of symptoms. I cannot recommend Roberta or kinesiology enough. I even brought my nine year-old daughter, who suffers from anxiety to Roberta. 



“Initially I brought my twelve-year-old son to see Roberta as he was feeling tired and had no energy, which was not like him at all! I had brought him to the doctor they could not see anything wrong, but he still was not right!! 


I had never heard of Kinesiology before, but I was on Facebook one night and I came across RB Holistic I made an appointment we went to Roberta not really knowing what to expect but after our session and within a couple of days he was starting to come back to himself we could all see the change in him even our neighbors noticed the change in him!!


I decided to bring my other son who was fourteen to Roberta next as he lacked in concentration and no energy and not sleeping very well after his session he said he had the best sleep he had in ages and we noticed a complete change in him. He had an interest in things, his energy improved and he was even getting up on time for school!!!

I said I would make an appointment for myself. I have high blood pressure, an underactive thyroid I did not realize I felt so bad until I started feeling good after my sessions with Roberta!!


My body was stressed to the last. I had aches and pains thinking I had injuries, but it was stress. Roberta worked on me. I had to have a few sessions and it is the most relaxing and balancing treatment I have ever experienced. I have never felt better as I said I didn't realize I felt so bad until I started feeling good!


I made an appointment for my husband who has rheumatoid arthritis. The first day he went he could hardly lie on the bed in Roberta’s clinic his back was so sore. He had so much stress in his body as well, but after a few sessions with Roberta he has never felt better his mood his energy his body he is even able to do exercise now and enjoy it which he never could before.


We all had great sleep the night after our sessions and within a few days started feeling better myself and my husband are in our forties and I can honestly say we have never felt better we have gone back even though we didn't really need to, but I feel it is a treat to ourselves to have a kinesiology session now!


Kinesiology is gentle, non-invasive, and totally relaxing. I cannot recommend it highly enough!!

I have told my friends, work colleagues, everyone about kinesiology because it really has made a difference in our lives for the whole family

Kind regards


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