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Past Present Future

Lots coming to mind around this topic….

I was at a talk a few weeks back around Ancestral Healing and the common topic was we do carry the past into the present and then onto the future

Sometimes we let the past drag us down so we can’t move into the future until we deal with it whatever it is … Fear…. Grief…. Guilty…. Misery

Often, we repeat the same traits, stresses, issues over and over cause its how we dealt with it in the past

Clients have found that once we look at the issue that’s causing the body strain, we lock it into the body at the age that it presented…

I use oils and Bach Remedy along with Eye Rotation technique and Temporal Tapping technique to release whatever it is that’s holding you back

This can be beneficial for things like confidence, anxiety, unhealthy eating habits, including overuse of alcohol, self-esteem, smoking and stress management

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