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GAIT - getting you rebalanced/aligned

I always muscle test for the different elements of GAIT

GAIT I explain to clients is how soldiers walk left right left right in line with the arms and legs

Or if you looked at a 4 legged animal like a horse they dont walk forward with their 2 front legs and then the back 2 legs - its left right left right

I have to stop myself daily from going up to "strangers" telling them I can fix their gait !!!!

You will see this in kids who we consider "clumsy" they fall over or bump into things easily

What is abnormal gait?

Abnormal gait or a walking abnormality is when a person is unable to walk in the usual way. This may be due to injuries, underlying conditions, or problems with the legs and feet.

Walking may seems to be an uncomplicated activity. However, there are many systems of the body, such as strength, coordination, and sensation, that work together to allow a person to walk with what is considered a normal gait.

When one or more of these interacting systems is not working smoothly, it can result in abnormal gait or walking abnormality.

This may happen due to any of the following reasons:

• illness

• genetic factors

• injury

• abnormalities in the legs or feet


At times, a person may find it difficult to walk due to an acute problem, such as a bruise, cut, or fracture. These may cause them to limp or walk differently but are not considered causes of abnormal gait.

But there are several diseases that can attack the nervous system and legs, resulting in abnormal gait. Some of the most common causes of abnormal gait include:

• injuries to the legs or feet

• arthritis

• infections in the soft tissue of the legs

• broken bones in feet and legs

• birth defects

• infections in the inner ear

• tendonitis

• conversion disorder or other psychological disorders

• shin splints

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