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Adrenal Fatigue - a symptom of our times ???

Adrenal Fatigue


Low energy Hormonal imbalance

Anxiety and/or Irritability Weakened stress response

Inability to Lose or Gain Weight Insulin resistance

Sexual Dysfunction Light-headedness

Digestive Problems Decreased sex drive/libido

Chronic Inflammation Moodiness and irritability

Feeling overwhelmed Skin ailments

Muscle or Bone Loss Insomnia / Sleep disturbances

Auto-Immunity Menstrual Symptoms

Heart Disease Cravings for Sugar and Salt

Lowered Immunity Wired & Tired

Depression Accelerated Aging

Chronic Pain Hypertension

ADHD Muscle Tension

Hypoglycaemia Autoimmune conditions

Chronic fatigue Brain fog

Hair loss


Stressful experiences like death of a loved one, divorce or surgery

Prolonged stress

Negative thinking and emotional trauma

Lack of sleep

Poor diet


Food sensitivities

Reliance of stimulants like caffeine or energy drinks

Rheumatoid Arthritis



a. Caffeine

b. Sugar and sweeteners

c. Carb-heavy foods

d. Processed and microwave foods

e. Processed foods

f. Processed meats

g. Hydrogenated oils


a. Coconut

b. Olives

c. Avocado ad healthy fats

d. Cruciferous vegetables

e. Fatty fish

f. Free range chicken and turkey

g. Bone broth

h. Nuts (walnuts, almonds)

i. Seeds (pumpkins, chia, flax)

j. Kelp and seaweed

k. Himalayan sea salt

l. Fermented foods


Supplements & Herbs for support

a. Licrorice root

b. Fish oil

c. Magnesium

d. Vitamin C

e. Vitamin D

f. Selenium

g. Lavender oil

h. Rosemary oil

i. B-Complex vitamins

j. Ashwangandha

o (Lower cortisol levels and mediate stress responses within the body )

k. Rhodiola rosea

l. Schisandra

m. Holy Basil


Reduce stress

a. Rest when you feel tired as much as possible

b. Avoid staying up late and stay on regular sleep cycle in bed before 10pm

c. Minimize work and relational stress where possible

d. Exercise (even moderate exercise & walking) yoga in particular can help reduce stress

e. Take time for yourself (do something relaxing)

f. Sleep 8-10 hours a night

g. Laugh & do something fun each day

h. Eat on a regular food cycle and reduce caffeine and sugar addiction

i. Avoid negative people and self-talk

j. Seek counsel or support for traumatic experiences

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