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Ahhhhh Choooooo Hay Fever - some solutions

Updated: May 16, 2019

1. Acupuncture point on the elbow – stimulate regularly throughout the day or use the Qu-Chi Hay Fever Band (available in chemists and health food shops) stimulate this point continuously

2. Gently but firmly brush down from the eyebrows, round the back of the ear and down the outside arm, to the end of the ring finger a few times. This is the triple heater meridian, running it in reverse may help your immune system to calm down.

3. Fenugreek Tea – helps prevent irritation and congestion of the nasal passages

4. Doterra - soft gel called Tri-ease (a blend of lemon - antimicrobial, lavender - anti histamine and peppermint - opens the airways)

5. Metabolics – product called Inflammite

6. Increase intake of ginger and garlic as well as dark leafy greens and onions

7. Eat local honey in months leading to hay fever season – can decrease sensitivity to pollens through blocking antibodies

8. Add Omega 3 to the diet – reduces inflammation by blocking the inflammation pathway

9. Grass pollen reactions can be reduced by elimination wheat products, tomatoes and carrots, as well as looking at sugar and red meat intake

10. Nettle extract in capsules or juice daily for natural antihistamine effect

11. Flaxseed oil – 1tbsp daily

12. Probiotics like Lacto Acidophilus and bifidus

13. Milk Thistle – helps reduce allergic, inflammatory and histaminic reactions and supports liver function

14. Gingko – used as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

15. Increase Vitamin C to help the immune system

16. Thymus Tap – tap to the music beat of waltz music to strengthen the immune system

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